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Studio Brae

Studio Brae, founded by Scottish potter Tokes Sharif, makes functional and sculptural handmade ceramics with a minimalist natural aesthetic. 

Studio Brae handcrafts sculptural objects using clay, incorporating locally sourced, high-quality, natural and sustainable materials. The Scottish landscape informs his work and is reflected in the use of stony and matte textures along with a palette of neutral and earthy tones. Tokes incorporates small percentages of natural oxides in his glazes and clay bodies to create irregularities and depth and which enhance the natural variations present in the clay.

Each piece is mindfully crafted, in small batches, into iconic and timeless forms influenced by architecture and nature.

Studio Brae's minimalist aesthetic encourages a deeper and reflective connection to nature anchored through the practical use of the pieces - the rituals of daily living - and to enhancing a sense of wellbeing.