Selwyn House

Selwyn House

Sean Best and Ellie Smalls together form Selwyn House.

After making the move back to Ellie’s home county of Derbyshire in 2017, they formed Selwyn House, combining their creative talents to create small-batch handmade serveware from the best British-grown timbers. 

The most important element of a Selwyn House product is that each piece is always individually made by hand - processed from rough-sawn timber or individually turned on the lathe.

All Selwyn House pieces are designed to be functional as well as beautiful, they take a slow and thoughtful approach by handling each piece throughout it’s production to ensure it ‘feels’ right - shaping the handle a little more to fit well in the hand. 

Sean and Ellie's wish is to make warm, honest and functional pieces with longevity which can be used and enjoyed from everyday meals through to big family get-togethers.