House of Quinn

Founded by Julius Arthur in 2016, House of Quinn explores craft, making and design, through the mediums of textiles, collage and print. The foundation for Julius’ work is craftsmanship, heritage and stories found in the objects we might interact with every day.

Julius grew up in Cornwall and his collections reflect influences from his rural upbringing, the landscape and folklore of the region. Julius creates collage pieces and abstract appliqué designs in rich terracotta browns, sandy yellows, and chalky whites inspired by the contours of the landscapes.

Julius takes a considered approach to making and design by working with traditional craft techniques. House of Quinn aim’s to have a conscious and circular outcome by using renewed and reclaimed textiles and cloth to create objects that will last and be cherished. The fabrics and materials, where possible are sourced from local suppliers, markets, deadstock fabrics and foraged vintage textiles.

Julius creates his pieces in his studio in Sussex. Valuing the time and hand-finished process that goes into every item and collection, ensuring each object has its own story and unique characteristics.




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