Dor & Tan

Dor & Tan

Dor & Tan are nestled on the North Cornish coast. Sharron, Peter, Matthew, and Viola run the Dor & Tan Studio.

The story of Dor & Tan began with a desire to break away from the disposability of modern life, to create objects with a more personal connection. Dor & Tan create items to become cherished memories, pieces to enhance the daily rituals of life - these are tactile and functional ceramics. Their pieces are distinctive in their use of colours, forms, and textures. 

Dor & Tan ceramics have a unique soft character which reflect the hand of the maker, the process of making is slow and thoughtful, each object is thrown by hand from clay sourced locally and fired using green energy. These traditional processes make every piece unique, no two objects are the same. 

Dor & Tan craft ceramics that can age with grace creating timeless designs. They strive to create objects using quality materials and techniques, but also with a focus on longevity in aesthetics.



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