Tools for thoughtful living

Tools for thoughtful living

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As we navigate another lockdown in the UK I have put together some of my positive living suggestions to share. Taking time to pause and reflect and focus on the more creative and thoughtful aspects in our daily lives for me feels like a positive step in the right direction. Another lockdown reminds us that we all can benefit from taking time to pause and bring in the tools to provide a more thoughtful approach to make our daily lives more memorable.

Take a walk to happiness

One of my daily activities for wellbeing and to create positive mental and physical space in my life is walking in the Scottish Borders - this landscape photograph was taken in the Eildon Hills on one of our recent family walks. Whether you hike in the hills or stroll around the park, walking is uplifting for body and soul. 

Light candles and enjoy some daily yoga practice

Working from home and managing the needs of a family can be difficult to set time aside for yourself. Seek to carve out an hour in the day for meditative practice. Light a candle, burn incense, find a quiet space. There are many yoga practitioners on You Tube, find the style that works for you and make the time. I’m excited we will be stocking Wax Atelier candles, coming soon – Wax Atelier revisit traditional techniques ranging from candle dipping to paper making using natural wax. When lit, these candles release a subtle aroma of matcha tea and honey – a perfect accompaniment to your daily ritual.

Fill your space with green

Bring the outside in and fill your home with plants – I find plants have such positive effects on wellbeing. We are all spending extended amounts of time in our homes and it’s a great opportunity to cultivate our space and bring more plants into our home. We will be bringing new makers of ceramics and pots for your plants onto the website in the coming months so I’ll update when we have our selection.

Personalise your space with vintage

For me collecting unique vintage finds gives my home its character and adds a new element, a new point of focus to a space – the arrival of the latest vintage pieces is always exciting (and hard to part with!) and I’m keen to share my passion with our latest edit. Rich earthy tones dominate our latest collection of vintage ceramics – our Finds collection before Christmas sold out and was featured a couple of times on the Collagerie website which provides an on-trend editorial style showcase of pieces for you and your home. See some of our new pieces here and view the collection in our Finds section.


Vintage West German Ceramics


Vintage West German Ceramics


Read books and stay cocooned in warm eco blankets

Making time for reading, turning off social media – which I actively chose to do over the last few weeks to clear my head space – supports your mental wellbeing and provides an opportunity to be present in your space and not feel overwhelmed by the digital world. Enjoying the tactile senses of natural lambswool blankets – our sustainable Eco Blanket collection has proved hugely popular - these blankets provide the perfect envelope to wrap yourself in whilst taking time out.


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