2020 - the year that changed the way we live

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2020 – the year that changed the way we live and the year that started our journey of Objects and Finds, sourcing and making considered, authentic, sustainable goods. The phrase ‘the home is where the heart is’ has become more meaningful in 2020 as our lives have gone through a fundamental shift in our day to day existence - many of us are now home working and experiencing extended amounts of time within the space we live. In this new reality we question, what is our space and what do we want our space to be? As a result of our new normal, we need our space to be multi-functional, and also a place of sanctuary and escape. Our home represents our retreat, our shelter our haven. This shift in our relationship with our space and in the way we live has given us the opportunity to reflect and reconsider what we want our home to be. How we furnish our space enhances our sense of wellbeing – a space to bring comfort and joy in these uncertain times.
We want to ‘buy less, choose well, make it last’. At Objects and Finds we have spent months researching more considered, thoughtful goods that have resonance for ourselves – goods that are sustainable and environmental, that care for the planet. For Objects and Finds we want you to know where your goods have come from, how they were made, we want you to engage in the story behind the product so you can make considered choices. Craft, handmade, artisan and vintage goods are what we curate and what is relevant to us to decorate our space in this new post pandemic era, to provide that emotional connection, as we seek authenticity in our home.
It’s the small things, the objects and finds that add warmth and texture to our home - a handcrafted vase or an eco lambswool tactile blanket in earthy tones, or vintage studio pottery. Objects with provenance or history, that add a sense of place, as we seek to curate our own unique space.
Objects and finds Vintage ceramics
At Objects and Finds we are purposefully sourcing thoughtful goods from artisan makers in the UK, along with sustainable small producers and family businesses. The journey of discovery of our talented makers is one that we want to highlight, to profile and share through our curated edit of goods.
Through our Journal we will share the story of our makers. Welcome to Objects and Finds, born in lockdown in the rural Scottish Borders, from our kitchen table. We look forward to introducing new makers and new handcrafted products in the coming weeks and months and sharing our journey with you. 

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