The Maker Journal - Sharing Process

The Maker Journal - Sharing Process

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To tie in with our second launch of Sandscape Candleholders by Julija Pustovrh we're sharing further insight into her process which is intrinsic to the unique quality of her pieces. Julija applies a slow and considered process of blending clays and mixing in sand to create her unique finishes. For Julija testing clays and sand combinations that work, takes time and is an ongoing development.


Granite collected in Scotland for adding to clay by Julija Pustovrh

Julija Pustovrh sand samples displayed in her studio
Sand and granite collected for incorporating into the clay and candleholders by Julija Pustovrh
Julija explores wild local materials, sourced across the West and North of Scotland - testing various sands and granite to be developed into unique glazes - a constant evolution in her work. 
Each batch of clay is carefully mixed using between 2 - 6 different clays and various different sands. This process ensures each batch is unique by mixing in a different quantity of recycled clays and different combinations of ground granite and sand to each new collection of objects. Julija says of her collected sands, "I love how these materials have great potential to be developed into unique glazes".
Julija sets aside specific times during the year to explore the materials and process in depth to develop her techniques further without having to create final pieces, allowing for creative freedom and learning through a playful, experimental approach.


Clay divided into section for making in the studio of Julija Pustovrh

Work in progress with clay in the studio of Julija Pustovrh
Close up of clay and it's layers with recycled clay in the studio of Julija Pustovrh
Julija says, "what I love about this process is that even though the batches are carefully prepared each batch is slightly different by mixing in a percentage of recycled clays which add a unique finish to each new collection"


Studio of Julija Pustovrh
Due to the fragile nature of the process of combining the clay and sand means that only small batches of the finished pieces are created, that meet Julija's high standards and are then available to be sold. 


Julija Pustovrh studio and the making of the Sandscape Candleholders

Finished Sandscape Candleholders in the studio of Julija Pustovrh

From placing our order with Julija the process can take up to two months before the final pieces are then transported to us and available to launch on our website. Our Sandscape collection is always very limited and each pieces unique and exclusive to Objects & Finds.


Finished small Sandscape Candleholders with a candle

Take a look at Julija's new collection of Sandscape Candleholders in her Maker profile here

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